6 Steps for Choosing the Best Video Production Dallas

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Narrow your Options

When searching for a company to meet your video needs, it is important to narrow your search to a few companies that most interest you based on previous work, affordability to you, and whether or not they can create a video that serves your desired purpose.

Review Portfolios

A great way to get an idea of the type of video a professional video production company is capable of producing, is by reviewing their online portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is to show off the creative works the company has produced before, so don’t be afraid to take inspiration or reach out to a company based on their recent videos.

Call the Producer

Calling the producer allows you to brainstorm your needs, ideas, and expectations for your video. When the producer gathers an understanding of the video you desire, they can work with you to create a plan to produce the best possible video for you. Once you have spoken with the producer, you will have a better idea of the path you want to take.

Know your Timeline

Knowing your timeline and communicating it with the producers you speak with are both very important. Sometimes, on a last-minute or urgent project, different paths must be taken to produce the video you desire. If the producer and video production team are unable to meet an urgent timeline, you are forced to change the pre- and post-production plans.

Is the Producer Detail-Oriented

A tell-all sign of a great video production company is a detail-oriented producer. When you meet with the producer, you will quickly find out whether or not they are creative and specific when it comes to every detail of your video and your expectations. Search for a producer and team who show interest in your story and cover every base.

Do they Understand Digital Marketing Videos?

If you plan on using your video as a digital marketing technique, it is important that you hire a company that is familiar with digital marketing videos. At Sofia Video Production, we partner with our sister company, Sofia Marketing in all of our marketing videos. On top of our expertise in video advertisements, our team runs a FREE two week Facebook ad targeted to your specific clientele.

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