Video Production Dallas | How Our Process Works

Scheduling A Call

We will schedule a call with you to focus on general questions about what type of video you want, the scope of the project, timeline, budget. We will also take this time to get to know a little bit more about you and your business.

Video Options

Following the initial phone call, our producer will research and write up a creative brief that will include a general summary, creative approach, examples, basic schedule, and everything the bid includes – such as client reviews and equipment. Our producer will then send you the creative brief as a personalized video and accompanying document.

Bring It To Life

Upon reading over the creative brief, let us know the video package you like and we will begin pre-production! Once you have chosen your package, our producer will set up a discovery meeting in which we build our relationship with you and discuss the details of your upcoming video and shoot. During this time, a contract will be signed and we will work with you to create a schedule and shoot day followed by pre-production on both ends.

Videos Convert To Sales

After we have completed and delivered your video, our marketing partners will step in and give you a FREE consultation regarding how to use your new video for marketing purposes. Additionally, the team will create and manage a FREE two-week Facebook ad targeted to your specific clientele. This process guarantees hundreds, or even thousands, of views from a very interested audience. Thanks to the specificity of the advertisements, these views will have a much higher conversion rate than a simple post to your site.

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